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FAQ for the Employee Referral Program

Why should I refer a friend to K24?

When you refer a friend, you have the opportunity to participate in the talent search and be an active partner in the growth of our company. In addition, you will receive our referral bonus for all successful referrals.

Who can participate in the recommendation?

All internal K24 team members, including team leaders, as well as apprentices and trainees, can make recommendations and receive a bonus for a successful recommendation.

Who is not entitled to a bonus?

Department heads (e.g. VPs, Head of..., Branch managers) at K24 as well as employees in the HR department.

Reason: As a leader and HR employee, we expect that hiring and branding K24 in the marketplace is part of your goal to further drive our success.

What positions are included in the referral program?

All positions (full and part-time) for which we are currently hiring are included in the program. This also includes apprentice and trainee positions. 

How can I refer someone?

All open positions are posted on our referral portal. In order to refer someone for a position that we are recruiting for, simply go to Jobs, click on the button "Make a recommendation" next to the job description, insert all information needed, and submit the recommendation. The HR team will then take over and contact the candidate.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the status of the recruitment process?

Please contact your relevant HR business partner: 

Violeta Kuhn- Finance / Legal / HR / Business Administration

Rowena Schürmann  - Logistics

Irina Ring - IT / Marketing / Pricing / Customer Care

Sebastian Rosigkeit - Branches & Workshops / Direct Delivery

How do I know that the recommendation was successful?

When the candidate receives an offer and signs the contract, we will proactively inform you. You will also receive information about the bonus payment and how and when it will be paid.

What bonus amount will I receive for a successful recruitment?

The bonuses paid by level are:

Apprentice / Trainee: 300 EUR

Employee without personnel responsibility: 1000 EUR

Manager: 3000 EUR

When do I get the bonus payment?

You receive 1/3 of the bonus payment in the month in which the new colleague started at K24 and 2/3 after the employee has passed the probationary period. On your pay slip, the bonus will be listed as a "promotional bonus".

Do I have to pay tax on the bonus?

Yes, the amount we pay for a successful referral is the gross amount. Depending on your personal tax class, we may have to deduct taxes from your paycheck.

What happens if I leave the company before the recommending person has successfully passed the probationary period?

Unfortunately, only active K24 team members are entitled to the bonus. Therefore, if you leave the company before your referral starts, we cannot pay the bonus. If you leave the company after the person has started but before they pass the probationary period, you will only receive the first part, as you were still an active employee at K24.